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Revamping Hair Styling as You Know It - Suncoat Products Inc

Revamping Hair Styling as You Know It

Did you know that with conventional hairspray, you are spraying and inhaling harmful chemicals & alcohol? Did you ever realize that by using conventional hair styling products, you are using chemicals that damage your hair to hold it in place for “a good hair day”? Do you ever wish there was a way to style your hair without the use of chemicals that damage your hair and the environment?

Well, look no further because Suncoat Natural Hair Styling Products do just that. The unique sugar-based technology Suncoat invented back in 2005 is used in Suncoat natural hair spray, hair mousse & hair gel. There is no alcohol, and best of all, the harmful chemicals are replaced with a plant-based, readily biodegradable multi sugar polymer called hydrolyzed corn starch/polysaccharides.

Conventional hair styling products are formulated with synthetic polymers which are used as the key foundation ingredients. The chemical polymers, typically acrylates copolymers, PVP polymer, PVA polymer etc., are the plastic film formers to hold hair in place and style it.

However, these chemical polymers are made from petrochemicals, which means they are not biodegradable and are polluting our environment, sewer systems and the oceans.

Worst of all, these chemical polymers also contain toxic, irritating residual chemicals that can never be found on product labels. These harsh residual chemicals include acrylate monomers, methacrylate monomers and vinyl acetate monomers. They go directly to your hair & scalp causing health problems and allergy reactions. This means that people with skin or hair that are sensitive to chemicals are unable to use these products. When these products are sprayed, the chemical polymers along with all these toxic residual chemicals will be in the air as very fine particles and are very toxic when inhaled.

At Suncoat we have found a way to use hydrolyzed corn starch as an alternative, which is naturally derived from corn, fully biodegradable, and an excellent replacement to the toxic chemical polymers in a conventional hair product. Yet, it still achieves the volume, long lasting hold and shine you look for in a hair styling product.

Alcohol is very commonly used in hair styling products to make it quick drying and reduce tackiness. Alcohol is very drying to your hair and skin and can even be inhaled when sprayed in hair spray or other spray products. Alcohol used in hair products is mostly denatured alcohol consisting of ethanol and small quantities of synthetic chemicals called t-butyl alcohol and denatonium benzoate. They can be irritating to the skin and harmful to your health.

With the sugar-based technology, Suncoat hair styling products are formulated without using alcohol, yet still dry quickly and perform well.

We are also proud to say our entire hair product line is chemical polymer (plastic) free and alcohol-free.

All our products are made at our own facility, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. We have been selling our hair products in Canada, The United States, The United Kingdom, and other countries in Europe for 15 years.

They have stood the test of time and have been very well received by people around the globe, especially by the population that are suffering from chemical sensitivity.

Maggie from Montreal, Canada writes,

“I have very fine hair and as I get older I need a product to “thicken” my hair and help cover some small areas that are thinning. I also try to only use products that are as natural as possible, which is very difficult as so many companies still use petroleum based ingredients and call them ‘green”. In comparison after trying your product, I find it adds body to my hair without making it stiff, and holds the natural style of my hair. I also notice that it doesn’t darken the colour of my hair while in place. It even shimmers a bit now.”

Kate from the United States writes,

“Your Suncoat unscented hairspray product is the BEST ever. I have chemical sensitivities and my sole mission in the next few weeks it to tout your praises wherever I can. I can’t tell you of the number of products I have tried, and I have pretty much given up trying. Please don’t ever stop making this product.”

Lori from the United Kingdom writes,

“The first positive is the texture and quality of the serum. It is not gloopy and jelly-like, like some products which leave your hands and hair sticky. It isn’t heavy like some hair creams, which have too much tack. I really liked Suncoat’s lightness and pourability. It is so light that at first, I didn’t trust it and probably used too much, but I have learnt. It holds the hair gently, calmly without heaviness. It just ‘stays put’ and its benefits are felt for around two days until the fluffiness tries to make its escape.”

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