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Suncoat pioneers sugar based technology for cosmetics.

Our award winning natural liquid eyeliner and mascara are made from corn starch based sugar biopolymers: polysaccharides, not synthetic copolymers. Polysaccharides work the same way as synthetic polymers as a binding agent to keep color on your eye and eyelash.

What Makes The Conventional Liquid Eyeliner and mascara:
Synthetic plastics, such as acrylic copolymer, PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone polymer) and polyvinyl acetate, are found in most conventional liquid eyeliners. They are used mainly as the binding agent/film former in liquid eyeliner to glue pigments and fillers together. These synthetic plastics are derived from petrochemicals; contain residual monomers (the starting materials for producing plastics, namely acrylic monomers, vinyl pyrrolidone monomer and vinyl acetate monomer) that are not only toxic, but also reactive.
Synthetic dyes, glycol, alcohol and chemical preservatives are also used in conventional liquid eyeliner formulations.

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Sugar-based Natural Liquid Eyeliner - Suncoat Products Inc

Eyeliner Liquide Naturel à Base de Sucre


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Sugar Based Natural Mascara - Suncoat Products Inc

Mascara naturel à base de sucre


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