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We Are Expanding! - Suncoat Products Inc

We Are Expanding!

We are excited to announce that on June 22nd we moved our headquarters to a new location! We are now located at:
Suncoat Products Inc.
265 Hanlon Creek Boulevard, Unit 10
Hanlon Creek Business Park
Guelph Ontario N1C 0A1

This upgrade is due to the remarkable growth we have seen over the past years, and this has led to outgrowing our current location and moving to a new, larger space to continue to grow Suncoat Products.

Over the years the company has seen tremendous growth and with that resulted in a great story. Our founder Yingchun Liu, Ying for short, started Suncoat Products in 2002 because her seven-year-old daughter wanted to experiment with nail polish. Ying did not want to risk her daughter’s health by allowing her to use nail polish with harmful chemicals, so she decided to use her background in chemistry and her creative eye to create a new formula of water-based, non toxic, natural nail polish that provided the same quality and finish as conventional nail polish, without any unsafe chemicals.

Ying started Suncoat Products in her basement in 2002 and quickly generated enough success to move into a small manufacturing facility on the north end of Guelph on Massey Street that same year. While there, Ying and the Suncoat team launched the Suncoat natural nail polish line in southern Ontario, Canada and were able to find success and continued to nationwide distribution and distribution in Japan not long after. During this time, Suncoat also developed a line of plant-based hair styling products including natural hair gel, hair serum and more.

Suncoat operated for three years at this location, until more quick success forced Ying and the team to expand into a larger plant, double the size of the previous space, on the south end of Guelph at Laird Road in Hanlon Business Park. At this location, Ying and the team had plenty of room to grow for a long time. And this is exactly what happened. During this time, Ying and the team began selling in the United States and was accepted into the Midwest region of Whole Foods Market.

This is also where Ying and the team developed the now popular water-based, peelable kids nail polish formulation and with that created the Suncoatgirl brand for children that has expanded to now being distributed worldwide. While at this location, Ying and the team worked hard with a European firm to complete the product registration in Europe and began selling in the United Kingdom and beyond. Another milestone for Suncoat.

After 11 years of success, growth and making lots of children and adults happy with natural nail polish and other safe products, Ying and the Suncoat team again found themselves to have outgrown their space in 2016 and moved into their most recent location at Southgate Drive in Hanlon Business Park, again double the space of the last facility. Ying and the team continued to grow and expand into new markets at this location, including manufacturing hand sanitizer during the global pandemic.

This growth has caused Ying and the team to outgrow their current space again and they have moved to a new, larger headquarters in the south end of Guelph at Hanlon Creek Boulevard, in Hanlon Creek Business Park on June 22ndt, 2021.

This new location is also double the size of the last location and located in the heart of the Hanlon Creek reservation. This new industrial area is right beside the Hanlon Expressway, and minutes away from the 401 highway. Suncoat is proud to say that we continue to make all of our products in Guelph, Ontario, in house at our headquarters and will continue to do so at the new location.

We are confident that this new location will provide us with the opportunity to grow the brand and better service our customers around the globe.

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